Issues and Priorities

This is not an easy time to be in politics, as you probably know. These past two years have been described by many NH Senators as the most difficult of their careers. The level of discourse has been low, with personal attacks and destructive game playing. I am committed to bringing civility and compassion back into the NH State House. I know it won’t be easy, but I am certain that it is absolutely critical in order to protect and provide for our NH citizens and our democracy.


In the Senate, I have served on the Health and Human Services and the Judiciary Committees, fighting to protect children’s rights to a safe and healthy childhood at school, in daycare, and in every aspect of their lives. I will continue to champion those most in need, as I believe that all NH citizen deserve the same respect, rights, and dignity.


I will fight to protect civil rights for all NH residents, regardless of race, religion, or whom they love. NH must demand job training, liveable wages, paid family leave, accessible and affordable healthcare, safety in our schools, and fair and equitable taxation. These are some of my priorities, and I am prepared to take on other initiatives designed to make New Hampshire the best place to live, work, study, and raise a family. Our young people are leaving NH, as they can attend school more affordably outside the state. They also can find higher paying jobs in towns that provide full-day kindergarten and assistance when a crisis hits their family. No one in NH should risk losing their jobs in order to take care of a sick child, spouse, or family member. 


Given the huge sums of money and the negative rhetoric now involved in elections, the roads to re-election in November and to achieving majorities in the Senate and the House will be challenging. I am asking for your support. Those who know me, know that I will work hard to be re-elected and even harder, once I return to the NH Senate. I am also committed to supporting the impressive new and returning candidates who share my priorities for New Hampshire.


My commitment is to bring the same compassion, dedication, and hard work to the Senate as I have brought to other areas of my life.

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